The Puerto Rico Status Archives Project (PRSAP)


Between 1899 (56th Congress) and the present (118th Congress), lawmakers debated upwards of 153 bills addressing some dimension of Puerto Rico’s political status. Congress debated a wide range of bills, including general organic acts and resolutions, as well as plebiscitary, referendum and status bills that explicitly sought to resolve Puerto Rico’s political status. Notwithstanding, Congress has never enacted legislation enabling the residents of Puerto Rico to change their political status. The Puerto Rico Status Archives Project (PRSAP) collects all federal status legislation debated in Congress. This public archive is designed to provide users with key primary documents that can help users better understand the Congressional debates shaping the contours of Puerto Rico’s historical and potential political status.


Professor Charles Venator - University of Connecticut

Professor José Javier Colon Morera - University of Puerto Rico

Historical Overview

This page provides users of the site with historical narratives that contextualize the federal status legislation in various time periods.

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Congressional Legislation

This page contains a repository of all federal status legislation and related materials debated in Congress between 1898 (56th Congress) and the present.

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PRSAP Dashboard

The PRSAP Dashboard enables users to compare and contrast all status legislation using different filters.

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